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the little things

by Shriya Mkumar

Do you have those days, every once in a while, where it just works out?

There isn’t much to explain but maybe your alarm went off and you actually woke up. Maybe you found that book and couldn't put it down or maybe you've been listening to a song and life just seems perfect.

Well not perfect, but considerably better than the last 24 hours (a win is a win).

I think I take too much for granted, actually I know I do. I'm not trying to speak from a pedestal of privilege and flaunt the roof above my head. But I am trying to appreciate the small, tiny parts of my day that make it worth waking up to the alarm.

It’s the smell of bitter coffee my friend made, the rusted strings of my brother's guitar, bike rides like when we were seven. It’s campfires in the middle of June, wrinkly fingers after bubble baths, afternoons with your neighbor's cat. Its bright, blue skies, google meets and warm hugs. 

It’s falling in love with being alive.

So I hope you have those days, when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlists make you dance and a stranger makes you smile. Because the little things? Those little moments, they aren't so little.

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