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ISSUE 2 - The Hope Of It All  (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Living for the hope of it all is a sentiment we have always found lovely. To live not out of obligation , necessity or responsibility; but for the simpler joys of life. To see wildflowers bloom, to sip filter coffee at the crack of dawn, to see a stranger smile. Little things that make up the sum total of our lives.This is a chai break, a spring leave, this

is hope. Hope for better days, honeyed and warmed and messy. This is a piece of our soul, and so much more. Find in these pages, chips of our hearts, and parts of our love.

We really hope you love it.

this is me trying


 illicit affairs

 Enough - Brennan Thomas 

Kissing Blacktop - Leela Raj Sankar

Mayday - Herman

 Love and its Ways - Ilana Drake

Love as a passage; Love as an elegy - Indigo C

 Running - Mehrnaz Rezaei 

Daybreak - Aashaya Anand

Wrinkles in time and packets of chips - Shriya MKumar

Mirror, Mirror - Sanjana Shankar

Truths Told - Richard M Ankers

Valedictorian Speech - Nora Sun

Wedding at Cana - Eloise Bennigsen

Friendly Reminders - Raine Lee


the lakes

Apocalypse - Nora Sun 

161 Days To Graduation - Paw Yu Xin 

7:02 am - Neda S.

An Elegy For Our Summer Garden - C. Reschke

365 Days - Neda S

 Black Dogs & Hazy Ghosts -Sean Smith

 On Being Infinite - Brishti Chakraborty



On the Bridge Behind Those Houses - Kieran Rose Pilon

 When Death Comes Visiting a Beloved - by Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi

Mere Sapno Ki Rani - Mimi Red-Sun

Untitled - Sampoorna Krishna

 My Mother The Sun- Isaac Weitzen

Scoping Out Hope - Chaand

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