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Hi there! i'm Sanjana. My favourite saying is 'Jack of all trades, but master of none is better than a master of one' because I've never been able to master any of my pastimes - from creative writing, cooking and graphic design to reading, music and political discourse. But I put a little bit of my heart into all that I do. 


Of course, my favorite activity is spending time with Shriya and my cats, working on new ideas for the website you're on right now. I hope you love the space we've created as much as we do, and I hope you choose to accompany us on the journey to come.

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Hi guys, I'm Shriya! If this website launch got delayed, I'm probably to blame. I love books, brownies and busy days. Filter Coffee instantly takes me back to sunny April days, springtime poetry and reading under blankets during monsoon. It's home to me, and I hope you feel the same way. I keep busy writing, playing the guitar and spending an unhealthy amount of time with Sanj and the cats. 

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