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By Ranya Bahirwani

Is this larger than the world?
or are my pupils lenses magnified?
because it seems as though
from this, i cannot hide

how is it that something so seemingly large
yet feels so painfully delicate
and, by the people of its own--
Can the world be desecrated?

can a needle-- be the cause
for a world's dissent brewing?
can an ant-- be the reason
a world falls to ruin?

Hey! I'm Ranya and I'm 14 years old. My favourite hobby is trying out new hobbies every two weeks after getting bored of the last one that caught my eye. But if I were to narrow it down, I spend a large amount of my time analysing song lyrics (I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift), reading (whether it's books, poems or tweets) and pouring my heart out in my poetry. Because it always helps to give your feelings a home outside of yourself.


This poem is about my irrational fear that I could do one thing, and it would mess up my entire life. There's power in the fact that a small action could have limitless consequences, but it's terrifying too. So, naturally, I wrote a poem about it.

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