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Pirate of the Sea

The casket he sails

dips in waters so blue 

In endless dreams

In mermaid songs

She, the supernova of his nights,

takes him to the unknown,

to be untraced, to be untouched. 

Seabed is a place to sleep, 

My final resting place.

He had said to her 

Every day

Every night

Buried deep in his love's arms

It's a boon

It's sacred

Storms as funeral hymns

Waves as humbling shrouds 

It is inevitable, this love 

that lives on 

between man and Nature

He, the pirate of the sea, 

loves her for what she is, 

For no one listens like her

For no one loves like her 

But he's a pirate fighting the sea, 

this war that he can never win

In his final moments, he pleads, 

Let's kiss now and fight later

But in her agony, she is defiant.

It's a shipwreck

down the ocean floor- 

serving as a lesson 

of her wrath, of her madness, 

of her love.

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