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By Aashaya and Chaand

Flowers in hand, pink, your smile is warm.

A lack of words, sentences I cannot form;

Move the hair out of your eyes;

After the rain, rainbows cover my skies.


Reach in, breathe in, hug, feeling wanted and loved;

Not a stress in the world, falling flowers from above.

You look like a daydream and sound like a song,

Time moves fast but these seconds are prolonged.




Breathe out, the moment is absolute

As if this is all that I’ve had to look forward to,
As if this is all I’ll have to look back at;

Your smile. I’ll always hold on to that.




Overwhelming emotions with no restraints,

This feeling has made people want to sing and write and paint.

Cats purr, the rain bows, the birds sing,

Did I mention you’re captivating and entrancing?




Light me up, put me in your sight,

Alive like a moonflower in the dead of my night;

Grow your vine, twist and wind, colour me

Bright in the dark, wild and free……

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