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if you love me

By Sanjana S

let me go.

you woke up to the sound

of footsteps on the hardwood floor

green eyes and an unwavering stare

that you never could keep

and then there was her

from before, soft hands and

a wide smile. there’s thousands

of miles between you now, and

you haven’t spoken for a while.

if you learn how to love,

you must learn how to lose.

warmth will turn to cold one day, but

they will not always turn to you.

everything is transitory, even

the ones you’re thinking of now

and it hurts, that one day all your affection

will have no place to go but out

but is it worth never taking the leap?

never breaking your bones

because you fell too deep?

never holding a heart

that wasn’t yours to keep ?

if everything changes, you will too

you’ll grow older and maybe wiser

you’ll change the photos in your room.

someday you will no longer long for a love like

the comment section of

‘the notebook’ on youtube.

if you love something, you must let it go

because love is not a collar

that you can force

it is an outstretched hand;

to love is to grow.

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