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Flower Pots

By Afra Ahmad

The biggest testifiers of our love: 

Two flower pots under my rusty window.

One in which geraniums thrived,

Other in which chrysanthemums smiled,

We cherished not the flowers,

but our self-invented ritual of sprinkling water over them together.




A small misunderstanding: a gash in your soul

And your gilded heart did not look back,

Not even to meet those flower pots for the last time

Not even to collect the wallet you left under the windowpane

Not even to bid farewell:

When your eyes rained for the last time, 

they swept away all our priceless memories






Half a decade but the flower pots have managed to survive,

They have loved you, they have observed me loving you,

But tonight, when the news of your death

Reached my geraniums and your chrysanthemums,

The flowers wailed and pleaded their leaves to wilt 

(I broke the flower pots)

For how could they breathe more,

(How could I allow them to breathe more?)

When their beloved's beloved had stopped breathing?



Two years have passed

They say the pangs of separation make it arduous for days to pass quickly

I believe the pain of separation allows a peculiar form of light to seep right into your heart

not a scintillating one, but a light nonetheless

Removing other vices of the soul:

The days are unsparing but not long





What I was forced to sacrifice

will always be far greater than the strength I have gained

If only you had given me one chance

To explain myself, to clear the fog that blurred your pretty vision--

But there's no room for any negligence when it comes to matters of the heart

For while love can be profound, love can also easily be lost



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illustration by Afra Ahmad

Flower Girl

Afra Ahmad is a writer, poet, artist and calligrapher. 

Based in Saudi Arabia, she holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. She writes about everything under the sun: from dark issues of the society to problems faced by teenagers to imparting chunks of wisdom through her poems, stories and write-ups. 

Her works have been published in various magazines including Her Hearth, Melbourne Culture Corner, Iman collective, MYM, Rather Quiet, Olney Magazine, Blue Minaret.

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