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Dear Robin

By Renata Pavrey

Yes, the real you
Hiding behind the mask of other faces and voices
You improvised and entertained, always made us laugh
But the laughter was missing from your own life
A real-life 
Mrs. Doubtfire, lost beneath the prosthetics


Just like Mork who came from another planet
There was only one you, a prodigy among the rest of us humans

Patch Adams taught us how humor works where medicine fails
Misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s, while you suffered from Lewy body disease
Medicine and humor both failed you.

Trapped in your own mind
A more dangerous place than the jungles of 
You played characters like the flick of a switch
But your mind and body refused to cooperate
Switching off and leaving you in the dark



As an English teacher, you showed us why art was important
The heavens are richer as you lead the
Dead Poets Society
Good Morning, Vietnam to goodbye, earth
The Nights at the Museum have been darker without you
The world lost a light when you flicked off the switch forever



But the skies must be happy - they shine brighter with you up there
Still carrying your sparkle and laughter wherever you are
When I see the night sky twinkling brightly, I know
You must be entertaining the constellations
Like you always did; Mind and body now at peace.

A Fan, 


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Renata Pavrey is a nutritionist and Pilates teacher, whose short stories, essays, poetry and artwork have featured in magazines, journals, books and podcasts.


Her hobbies span across reading, watching movies, running, dancing, knitting, gardening. Her writing explores this umbrella of both indoor and outdoor activities.


'Dear Robin' is a tribute to one of her favorite film personalities, whose joy in front of the camera starkly contrasted the despair behind it.

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