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A message to myself on a bad day...

By Gauri Bedekar

Hey. So, today’s been a bad day. One thing has piled onto another and all you want to do is cry. I know it feels like everything is just getting worse. This day feels never-ending, but it isn’t. You’ve managed to get through so much today. You feel stuck, as if all of these problems have formed a web, and you’re at the centre. Trust me, you’ll find your way out. 
You’ve done it before, and I know you’ll do it again. You might want to punch a wall right now, but the pain really isn’t worth it. You might want to throw something at someone, but the repercussions aren’t worth it. Honestly, just scream into a pillow. It’s not going to harm anyone and it actually might help. Great coping mechanism, am I right?
In all seriousness though, this is momentary. This day is going to end, and tomorrow will be a new day. This is just a glitch in the system, and you will be able to fix it. I’m proud of you for having made it this far, and I know you’re going to move forward too. Remember what your capable of, remember how you’ve gotten out of these situations before. You’re the only one who can turn this around, and I trust that you will. 

It is okay to embrace the fact that today was a bad day, and hold out hope that tomorrow will be a better one

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