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A History of Moments 

By Moth Skuller

sol one. loving to hate and hating to love can be quite the challenge when it comes to showing someone you care, but don’t worry you’ll get over it eventually after you // fix yourself // find the right person // learn your lesson // grow up // but don’t lose yourself otherwise it’ll have been for nothing at all 


sol three. burning your throat with forbidden words and wanting the one thing in the world that you cannot have is such a poetic way of saying // i want you and you want me // lets dance, ok? even if one day you die // and you won’t, i’ll make sure of that // i’ll find you again and i will love you just the same as i always have // you know i’d end the world for you, right?

sol two. quiet moments are best when shared with someone you trust more than anyone else // laying in the dark // curled up in worn out blankets and old pillows // fingers woven together // and shouting in the fields with your beloved is a good way to wash away the dusty film // however your memory is still waning and waxing so make sure to take pictures of the decay and save them in case you forget again 

Moth Skuller (he/him) is an indigenous mexican-american writer with an affinity for evil and pastries. His poem, "A History of Moments" was inspired by three things; his best friend, his fear of forgetting things, and his unconventional ways of displaying affection.

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